FGD Gypsum Silo for MHPS

FGD Gypsum Silo for MHPS

Last July we coped with serious challenges to meet up at MHPS in Kure, Japan. The severe flooding due to heavy rainfall, had damaged roads and railroads. Nonetheless, we managed to meet with the team of MHPS. We are now pleased to say that persistence payed off for everyone, as ESI will provide MHPS with a FGD Gypsum silo at the Nikola Tesla Powerplant in Serbia.

Best partner for best fit

MHPS is in the process of implementing a new Block in the existing power plant at Nikola Tesla. This also includes a FGD Plant with a compact storage system for FGD Gypsum on site. Due to the successful cooperation in previous projects, such as the RTU power plant in Ugljevik, ESI was approached again. The proven track record however led to another challenge: “Because ESI has shown to be able to move fast, the main focus was to put other parties and processes on site. That’s a great compliment, but in turn it requires an extra fast project startup for us to meet the tight schedule”, says ESI sales director Richard Spaargaren. The silo is planned to be fully operational in 2019.

All-in-one Silo concept

Besides tight time schedule, the solution also needs to fit within the limited space at the plant site. Therefore FGD Gypsum silo incorporates 10.000 m3 storage capacity with dewatering on top and load out facilities underneath on one compact footprint. The core of the fully automated silo system is a central slotted column. This proprietary system has become the worldwide standard to prevent block ups when reclaiming very sticky material such as FGD Gypsum. The design phase of the silo needs to be finalized by end of this year.