Our new Project Engineer Max de Bie

Our new Project Engineer Max de Bie

We’re happy to introduce a new member of the team at ESI: Project Engineer Max de Bie. As in many industries, talented technical professionals are hard to come by. But if you also want them to be entrepreneurial, with good communication skills and a taste for travel as well as for office work, it’s really challenging. So it took a while, but with Max we found the right match for a great job at ESI. Chances are you will meet him anytime soon, because he already visited projects Germany, Denmark and Poland. And there are more projects to come!

A flying start at ESI

As a member of our Service Department Max immediately started off with a service visit in Germany. There he assisted the extensive yearly inspection of the Eurosilo for coal storage at HEW Tiefstack power plant in Hamburg. Max de Bie: “It’s quite impressive when you walk up to that huge silo, but the most interesting part of course is what’s inside of it, the automated material handling technology. A week later I returned to the site, but now for inspection of the FGD Gypsum silo. My start at ESI in august, the middle of the holiday season, took a deep dive into everything there is to know about the technology and the specific projects. It’s the combination of technology and interaction with all kinds of people that I like about this job! “I’m looking forward to seeing many different cultures and handling a great variety of activities as Project Engineer at ESI.”

Wider scope from A to Z

Supervised by Jan-Willem Hanskamp, manager of the ESI Project Department, Max is also handling the initial phase of projects. This means a great deal of office work, drawing up proposals and communicating with customers as well as specialists at ESI or subcontractors. Max: “In fact I handle projects from intake to execution, which is a great opportunity to learn and grow at a tremendous rate. I have always been drawn to technology, already since primary school. After that I studied mechanical engineering, but also electrical engineering as a minor. The change to put it all into practice at ESI was a no-brainer to me!”


As far as Jan-Willem Hanskamp is concerned, it was an unexpected immediate match after a long search: “For this specific job we were looking for a rather a-typical combination of skills and attitude. You need to be steady to work at the office, but you also have to be independent and adventurous to travel around the world and handle situations with all kinds of professionals in different cultures. What was decisive for us, was the drive and enthusiasm of Max as well as his sound technical background. So, he’s on his way for more great projects!”