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ESI Eurosilo is a solution provider in storage facilities for non-free flowing bulk solids and large quantities. Our highly automated silos offer maximum control in material handling, up to 100.000 m3, while saving operational costs and valuable space.

One of the most challenging material characteristics is stickiness. Enclosed storage in a Eurosilo offers the required storage conditions and material handling systems to keep cohesive materials such as FGD Gypsum or crushed Limestone flowing.

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To achieve maximal fire protection when storing coal or pet coke requires high safety standards. A Eurosilo provides the safest storage in the market with systems to detect and prevent unfavourable conditions in de stored mass.
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For hygroscopic materials it is essential that moisture stays out and humidity is kept at a minimum. Fully enclosed storage with built-in sturdy screw coveyor systems offers the ultimate solution for materials such as salt or fertilizer.

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If you need to store large quantities, with very little space available, the only way is up. A highly automated Eurosilo can store up to 100.000 m3 of material at just a third of the footprint required for open stockpiles, while saving logistic costs as well.

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Storing non-free flowing materials with very small particles, such as potato starch, fly ash or filter dust, requires enclosed storage with specially designed output systems. The proprietary shutter column system enables you to handle these materials.

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Storage solutions for sticky materialStorage solutions for solid fuels.Storage solutions for hygroscopic materialSpace efficiency for large quantitiesStorage solutions for very fine powder

Storage solutions for sticky material

When asked to develop a storage solution for highly cohesive material such as FGD Gypsum, ESI Eurosilo came up with a compact design that incorporates 3 operational units on top of each other.

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Storage solutions for solid fuels.

For coal fired power plants, we have designed and built over XX silos to store coal, pet coke or pellets in the most efficient, environmental friendly and safe way

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Storage solutions for hygroscopic material

How to avoid hygroscopic products to block due to high moisture? For customers in the Chemical industry, we have developed a reclaim solution that eliminates the risk of blockage: the proprietary slotted column.

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Space efficiency for large quantities

As the demand for output and performance increases, limited space at plant sites becomes a true bottleneck for expansion. How to store large quantities if there is no extra space available?

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Storage solutions for very fine powder

Fine powders like fly-ash, potato starch and filter dust tend will fluidize when handled. To respond to this specific issue of our customers, ESI Eurosilo has developed and deployed the shutter column system.

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Grand opening Eurosilo Yara Porsgrunn

With a party on the rooftop the new Eurosilo at Yara Porsgrunn was officially put into operation. This 20.000 m3 silo will store calcium nitrate, a fertilizer. On the huge slewing bridge at the top of the silo, the party...

Conversion of Weibull Silo Systems

ESI Eurosilo has already been contacted several times for the conversion of various types of Weibull silos. These silos were built decades ago and many are still in operation. The problem is now that Weibull is no longer in existence....

Farewell party Jaap Ruijgrok

Last October we commemorated the achievements of former managing director Jaap Ruijgrok at a farewell party, with great speeches, drinks a big grill food truck. Although retired, Jaap will remain a new business consultant for ESI. At ESI Eurosilo we...

The first petcoke has been loaded into the brand new Eurosilo in Oman

The commissioning of the twin silos system for Orpic, one of the fastest growing oil companies in Oman, is in full swing now. Two new large Eurosilos are now being loaded with petcoke. The first testing of the material handling will take place soon.

FGD-Gypsum Eurosilo for Jaworzno Power Plant

During the last few weeks the exiting event of hoisting the Eurosilo system into the large silo at Jaworzno, Poland took place. To effectively cope with the cohesive material the slotted column is used, combined with screw conveyors to move the Gypsum.


Over 13,000 attendees are expected at this year’s most prestigious conference and exhibition for the power industry. Want to discuss the latest developments with a fresh drink and a great Dutch herring? Visit us at our booth G73.

Successful management buyout

Purmerend, April 7, 2017 - ESI Eurosilo BV proudly announces that the management of ESI Eurosilo consisting of Henri de Boer, Sjaak van Hurck and Richard Spaargaren and the Chinese representative Qi Xilei, acquired all shares from Jaap Ruijgrok, the now former owner director.

Tight schedule pet coke silos Oman

Under harsh conditions of over 45 degrees Celsius, the Eurosilo equipment is being preassembled outside at one of the refineries of Orpic in Oman. As the production of pet coke is about to commit, our focus is to keep pace with the tight overall schedule.

First Eurosilo commissioned in China

Within one year after the start of this challenging project, we are now pleased to announce the successful commissioning of the potato starch silo in Jiusan in the Peoples Republic of China. The first batch of the 20,000 ton of potato starch has been stored safely.

Short payback period silo storage India

In order to offer NTPC Group in India detailed insight in the feasibility of replacing open stockyard storage by enclosed silo storage, we recently completed and presented an extensive study. One the outcomes is a payback period of only a few years.

Yara expands fertilizer capacity

As a result of the Bamboo growth strategy of producer Yara, the fertiliser plant at the Yara Porsgrunn site in Norway is being upgraded to expand its production capacity. Part of the upgrade program is a new 20,000 m3 Calcium Nitrate Eurosilo.

First shipment to China

In close cooperation with our Chinese representative New Bulks Technology, we are executing the turnkey delivery of a 25,000 ton potato starch silo for the Beidahuang Potato Group in Jiusan. After manufacturing and testing, the key-components of the silo mechanism are now ready for shipment.

Eurosilo attending Powergen Europe 2016

This year the largest conference and exhibition for the European electricity and power technology sector will be held in Milan from 21 to 23 June. (Powergen Europe 2016) And ESI Eurosilo will be there in Hall 3 stand C26 (3HC26) to welcome you.

Eurosilos for pet coke in Oman

Recently Larsen & Toubro assigned ESI Eurosilo to the design and delivery of two Eurosilos that will serve as a logistic link between production and shipping at the Orpic refinery in Sohar, Oman. The proven performance in coal storage made the Eurosilo the best option for pet coke.

Promising Turkish market

In Turkey 25 coal-fired power plants are active with more than 50MW installed power. Six of them have over 1000 MW installed power. Another eight are now in the construction phase and most of these power plants use open or semi-closed storage solutions.

Rare-earth elements in coal

With a growing demand for rare-earth elements, such as scandium, yttrium, lanthanum and cerium, necessary to produce high-tech equipment used in health care, transportation, electronics and other industries, the extraction of these elements from coal becomes commercially viable soon.

Two years of experience with the 100,000 m3 coal storage silos

Now available for download a informative silo storage article by Mr. Henri de Boer Manager Project Department and Mr. Mike Jacob Technical Power Plant Manager. In this article they are discussing the experience of two years of succesfull operation of...

First starch is coming in Karup!

The world’s largest potato starch silo, constructed for KMC at Karup in Denmark, is nearly finished. Following the tight schedule for this project, we have designed, produced and installed the internal machinery to handle a stunning 88,500 m3 of potato starch.

ESI talks about Coal Blending at GETS 2015

ESI Eurosilo was invited as a keynote speaker at the prestigious Global Energy Technology Summit (GETS) 2015 from NTPC to present the technology for coal blending by means of the ESI Fuel Management System (FMS). NTPC is India’s largest energy conglomerate, founded in 1975 to accelerate power development in India.

First Eurosilo in China

We are very pleased to announce our first project in the People’s Republic of China. In Jiusan we will execute the turnkey delivery of a 25,000 ton potato starch silo for the Beidahuang Potato Group. Due to great collaboration with New Bulks Technology, our Chinese representative this project was granted.

Meet us at the Schüttgut Solids in Dortmund

On 4th and 5th of November 2015, the 7th edition of SOLIDS Dortmund will take place at Dortmund Westfalenhallen - SOLIDS Dortmund 2015 is going to be the leading trade show for powder and bulk technologies in Germany in 2015.

Space optimalization with efficient truck loading!

In our previous post we have informed you that we have succesfully commissioned the FGD Gypsum silo at the PKN Orlen site in Plock Poland. Today we want to share with you a picture with a very nice overview of the space...

Hot commissioning FGD Gypsum silo

At the PKN ORLEN refinery in Plock Poland, the first real live filling process of their new 5,800 m3 FGD Gypsum silo was completed successfully. PKN ORLEN is a major oil refiner and petrol retailer, owning 7 refineries and over...

POWER-GEN Europe meeting

Power-Gen Europe, from 9 to 11th of June, was a great occasion to have our own ESI Conference in Amsterdam. We received our representatives from all parts of the world, from Asia to Europe and the US, to discuss current...

Introduction to coal storage in a Eurosilo at the coal fired power plant in Lünen Germany

A short introduction to the Eurosilo advanced storage solutions in the densely populated area at the ultrasupercritical power plant at Lünen in Germany. The solution is a space saving design and the future proof solution for coal storage.

Over 60 plant-sites use the FGD Gypsum Eurosilo

Storing FGD Gypsum requires innovative solutions that space saving, cost-efficient and utmost reliable in handling cohesive bulk material. The FGD Gypsum Eurosilo has become a renowned system to solve all storage issues, such as poor flow characteristics, limited space and...

Largest potato starch silo

The world’s largest potato starch silo is now being constructed for KMC at Karup in Denmark. KMC is a leading Danish producer of potato starch and potato flakes. ESI Eurosilo was awarded the assignment to design, produce and install the...

Introduction to coal storage in a Eurosilo at the coal fired power plant in Lünen Germany


Introduction to FGD Gypsum storage in a Eurosilo


Building The Brand

We recently decided to shift our proposition to the market towards our core value: expertise in material behavior and solutions that keep them flowing! This is part of an ongoing campaign to build the ESI Eurosilo brand by a clear...

Midlife Conversion

To keep capital expenses of our customers at a minimum, we perform more and more midlife conversions or retrofits of the silos that are being used. Keeping your production up and running for 20 to 30 years can’t do without...



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