Webinar Highly Efficient Fertilizer Storage at Ports

Webinar Highly Efficient Fertilizer Storage at Ports

Webinar Highly Efficient Fertilizer Storage at Ports

Save the date: 25 January, 15:00 CET and join the webinar about future-proof fertilizer storage at Ports. In this 4th episode of dry bulk expert talks Lukas Paul, Head of Ports & Terminals BEUMER Group, and Richard Spaargaren, Sales Director ESI Eurosilo will discuss the challenges and opportunities for this essential commodity that needs special attention at today’s modern ports. 

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While it is common knowledge that fertilizer needs enclosed storage to protect it from environmental conditions, the Eurosilo system incorporates special technologies that help to minimize the footprint of fertilizer storage and maximize the automation. Starting from such a specific solution and discussing the pros and cons of the Eurosilo – and other solutions – we aim at creating a comprehensive landscape of options when thinking about fertilizer storage. You can simply join the webinar from your PC, Mac, iPad or smartphone, so you don’t have to miss out on this opportunity. 

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Protective storage and uncomplicated reclaiming

For hygroscopic materials such as fertilizer it is essential that humidity is kept at a minimum. The concept of enclosed vertical storage offers a controlled environment inside and a well-protected environment outside. Using the slotted column system to ensure uncomplicated reclaiming increases the storage period and provides more logistic control in the supply chain. This open channel in the stored mass ensures that the product freely descents to the bottom side of the silo. The Eurosilo system is a proven solution for a wide range of fertilizers like Ammonium Sulfate, Potash and Common Salt.

See you at PortZone

Thinking about more efficient fertilizer storage at ports or plants? We will elaborate on the latest use cases of the Eurosilo, discuss learnings, challenges and pitfalls and also look at different options. See you on January 25, 15:00 hour CET (13:00 UTC) at PortZone!