State-of-the-art Potato Starch Silo for Lyckeby, Sweden

State-of-the-art Potato Starch Silo for Lyckeby, Sweden

After careful consideration Lyckeby, one of  Swedens leading potato starch producers, decided to work with the Eurosilo system for their most advanced new potato starch silo. We’re excited to be part of the project that will result in a 50.000 ton storage silo. As their largest potato starch silo, next to three existing silos at the production site in Nöbbelöv, it will stand out as a landmark in the country side. 

Dependable automation

To support the strategic plan for expansion and increased production at Kristianstad, Lyckeby investigated the renowned Eurosilo system for automated handling of potato starch. ESI facilitated visits to the closest reference sites at KMC, the largest potato starch producer of Denmark with multiple Eurosilos in operation. The fruitful exchange of information between technical experts and project leaders, as well as the support from the ESI team, led to the assignment October last year to design and supply the custom built silo mechanism. The civil construction will be done by Thage i Skåne AB, a leading building constructor.

Sustainable growth

As stated by Lyckeby, it is the first silo of this size to be built in green concrete, a climate-improved concrete, which means a significantly lower climate impact and approximately 120.000 kilo of reduced carbon dioxide emissions. As an agricultural producer Lyckeby is driven to be a part of a sustainable future and therefore takes great pride in integrating the next generation potato starch silo into their production site.

Design and delivery

The design and delivery of all components will take place during 2024, while the commissioning is scheduled for May 2025. Senior Project Leader Jan-Erik Dijksman at ESI oversees the project phases: “We finished the engineering in February, so we could start with the production phase of all mechanical components in March. The first shipments of components that need to be integrated into the foundation of the silo already took place. After factory acceptance tests of the silo mechanism, it will take about 10 trucks and two special transports for the large frames to ship everything to the building site. This is planned for October, after which an ESI supervisor will direct the assembly with the local crew.”

Onto the next milestone

From our experience in projects around the world, we know that working together and taking ownership are vital to make multidisciplinary projects with different partners work. We are looking forward to achieving the next milestones, including the majestic ‘big lift’ when a 500 ton crane will hoist the silo mechanism over the 43 meter high silo wall into the silo.

More information

For more information have a look at Agribulk | Strategic advantage in food supply chain | ESI Eurosilo or download the case study here Case Study – Agribulk industry KMC (