Central Slotted Column for cohesive materials

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In order to eliminate block-ups caused by the poor flow properties
of FGD Gypsum or crushed limestone, we designed a central slotted column for smooth reclaiming. The material is fed through the slots formed by the horizontal flat rings, and freely descends down the column. Our silos for sticky products are also equipped with a drainage system at the bottom to prevent a sticky layer in the lower regions of the silo. In addition, we have developed a system that creates under-pressure in the dewatering system. The complete system will improve logistic flexibility while it preserves the  condition of the stored material.


The Eurosilo storage solution for FGD Gypsum incorporates three   vital functions at the smallest possible footprint. Dewatering,   storage and load out are all located in one fully automated silo   system. Compared to shed storage this adds up to numerous   advantages. Instead of a separate dewatering, storage and load out   facility – needing operators, power shovels and transport – there is   only one cost effective solution. Not only will it reduce the required   space to a third, it will also minimize the required headcount and   improve operational reliability in handling FGD Gypsum or other   cohesive material. Compared to conventional silos with a bottom   discharge plow feeder system, our system increases the storage   period from a few days to more than three months without the risk   of block ups.


 Maximum logistic control & flexibility

 Minimal operating and maintenance costs

 High availability due to minimal downtime

 Minimal footprint for large scale storage

 Built in dewatering & load out underneath

 No block ups with FGD Gypsum or crushed limestone




How to handle poor flow
characteristics of FDG Gypsum?


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Over 60 plant-sites use the FGD Gypsum Eurosilo

Storing FGD Gypsum requires innovative solutions that space saving, cost-efficient and utmost reliable in handling cohesive bulk material. The FGD Gypsum Eurosilo has become a renowned system to solve all storage issues, such as poor flow characteristics, limited space and logistic efficiency. We have engineered and built this system over 60 times at plant sites in Asia, Europe and the… read more

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