New FGD Gypsum silo Nikola Tesla in operation

New FGD Gypsum silo Nikola Tesla in operation

January this year, the new FGD Gypsum silo at the Nikola Tesla power plant in Beograd, Serbia went into operation. After finishing the building process and the installation of the material handling systems last year, the cold commissioning took place in autumn. With the first production of the new desulphurization plant we could successfully execute the hot commissioning this year. 

Environmentally safe solution

The FGD Gypsum silo at the Nikola Tesla power plant is one of several flue gas desulphurization plants built by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries in a number of Balkan countries. In order to reduce the negative effects of sulfur dioxide (acid rain), older power plants need to be equipped with flue gas desulfurization plants to remove sulfur dioxides from the exhaust of thermal power plants. This is achieved by driving the exhaust through a milk of limestone, which causes the sulfur dioxide to stick to the limestone. This limestone than transforms into Flue Gas Desulfurization (FGD) Gypsum. This wet FGD gypsum slurry is input for the Eurosilo which is dewatered and stored before shipment to producers of gypsum products, working towards a better environment. 

Ensuring reliable operation

With a fully automated material handling system for a sticky bulk material such as FGD Gypsum, all components and the complete integration are thoroughly checked during commissioning. Jan-Willem Hanskamp, manager Project Department ESI: “Using scripts and checklists, we run tests on the software as well as electro technical and mechanical components. It all has to operate as one dependable system, which accurately switches from one step to another in each process flow. For the infeed as well as the output of the gypsum, there are different programs to ensure an infeed capacity of 150 tons per hour and an outfeed of 40 to 50 tons per hour. On request we also provided an air extraction system for dust free truck loading, including a filter to prevent dust emission in the surrounding.” 

All-in-one storage system

The FGD Gypsum silo at the Nikola Tesla power plant combines dewatering, 10.000 m3 storage capacity and reliable discharge. By combining these three basic functions in a fully automated logistic flow, we can achieve the smallest possible footprint with just one facility. This is one of the main benefits at existing plant sites that offer limited space for new installations. As a result, this new FGD Gypsum silo is one of no less than 72 units that we have built around the world.