Yara expands fertilizer capacity

Yara expands fertilizer capacity

CALCIUM NITRAAT EUROSILOAs a result of the Bamboo growth strategy of producer Yara, the fertiliser plant at the Yara Porsgrunn site in Norway is being upgraded to expand its production capacity. Part of the upgrade program is a new 20,000 m3 Calcium Nitrate Eurosilo.

This new silo is needed to increase the on-site storage capacity of fertiliser or Calcium Nitrate (CN). Starting with a report of a previous meeting, Yara finally came to select ESI Eurosilo as a partner due to its expertise, the technological advanced system for fertilizer storage and the ability to execute the project.

Comparing to their existing silos, the feeding and discharge can be handled more accurate, offering an uninterrupted process that is fully controlled by the automated auger system. This results in increased productivity and cost savings.

The project was awarded to ESI Eurosilo at the beginning of 2016 and the project is now in the execution phase. The project is executed and monitored in close cooperation with Yara. At this moment the silo foundation is ready and the silo mechanism is being manufactured. Yara Porsgrunn


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