Potato Starch Silo AKV Langholt

Potato Starch Silo AKV Langholt

In the last few weeks ago all the mechanical and pneumatic parts of the new potato starch silo for AKV Langholt were shipped to Denmark. In the meantime everything is mounted and we’re closely cooperating with the civil engineering company Arkil to make the deadline. By December first, the silo system is scheduled to be fully operational in order to support the new potato starch production unit.

Unique cooperation

January this year the contract was signed with ESI Eurosilo. One of the key requirements was to have just one partner for the complete scope of the project. This led to a unique cooperation with Arkil A/S, one of the largest contractors of Denmark, who was assigned to design and built the foundation and the complete silo structure. Due to the great amount of trust and commitment from both sides, ESI could comply with the demand from AKV Langholt and act as one partner, supervising the complete project. This project also includes the delivery of a pneumatic system to transport the potato starch from the production plant to the Eurosilo.

Expansion Cargill  

The potato starch silo is part of the investment of Cargill and its Danish potato starch partner, AKV Langholt in a new potato starch production unit at the Langholt facility in Denmark. Potato starches produced at the new facility expand Cargill’s portfolio of functional native starches. Each starch line is designed to enhance the texture and stability of everyday foods such as batters and coatings, pudding powders, dry mix soups and sauces, bakery mixes, ready meals and more.


After finishing the mechanical and pneumatic installations, we will implement and test the electrical systems in a few weeks’ time, beginning of November. After that we are ready to do the commissioning with the first starch beginning of December. It is a tight schedule, but together with Arkil, we are confident to make the deadline.