Meet our agent Janez Golob, Teknol

Meet our agent Janez Golob, Teknol

Our agent for SouthEast-Europe

Sales Engineer Janez Golob is agent for ESI Eurosilo in the countries of SouthEast-Europe: Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia & Hercegovina, Serbia, Montenegro, Kosovo and Macedonia. Together with Andrej Herlah he is running Teknol, a growing company in process technology for the pharmaceutical, food, chemical, industrial mineral and energy industry.

Specialized in process technology

Janez and Andrej have developed their expertise in an international company after which they started a business of their own, called Teknol. Being a supplier of leading producers of process technology, leveraging in-depth knowledge to offer the optimal solutions, is what it is all about for Janez: “Our most important goal is to help customers with technical advice on project management, installation and commissioning of equipment. We specialize in business critical technology.”

Why ESI Eurosilo?

Janez: ”The reason for us to become an agent is that ESI offers several good solutions that all can be tailored to the customer’s requirements. It is really an interesting field of work and the Eurosilo system is a good product for the market that we specialize in: process technology. We fully trust in the products and knowhow of ESI. I believe there is a good change that we will supply several Eurosilos in our region in the next few years.”

FGD Gypsum silo RTU Ugljevik

“A great success was the recent delivery of a FGD Gypsum silo at the power plant of RTU in Ugljevik. RTU didn’t know anything at all about the Eurosilo solution for storing FGD Gypsum until my first visit and presentation. Of course, because of the space saving aspect and the proven reliability, they were interested. Together with a great team at ESI, we won the order from MHPSE!” In the meantime ESI delivered all the silo equipment through MHPSE and commissioning is expected 2019.

Personal relationship

Complex projects and delicate business matters require a good relationship. Janez: “We have a similar understanding of the business. On top of that, ESI values building a good personal relationship. That is what makes our cooperation successful.”