First Eurosilo commissioned in China

First Eurosilo commissioned in China

Within one year after the start of this challenging project, we are now pleased to announce the successful commissioning of the potato starch silo in Jiusan in the Peoples Republic of China. The first batch of the 20,000 ton of potato starch has been stored safely.

With the extreme cold of the winter ahead, our job was to make the deadline for operational availability by the end of 2016. To a great extent this was achieved due to the cooperation with New Bulks, our Chinese partner. One of the challenges was to design and build our mechanical systems into an existing silo at the production plant of The Beidahuang Group in Jiusan. Staying on top of every detail and great cooperation with everyone in the team proved to be a major succesfactor.

The Eurosilo concept and the specific expertise on automated potato starch storage were the main reasons for the Beidahuang Group to choose ESI Eurosilo to work with. As a Dutch company, storing potato starch is the core competence that started off our business decades ago.

Previously the starch was handled in bags, but upscaling of the production requires more efficiency and flexibility. With the Eurosilo system the Beidahuang Group has more logistic flexibility while making significant savings on labor and handling costs. Also the conditioning of the potato starch is largely improved due to the fully enclosed storage.

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