ESI Team rides Amstel Gold Race 2018

ESI Team rides Amstel Gold Race 2018

Initiated by Managing Director Henri de Boer, a ESI Team took part in one of the most beautiful and also heaviest bicycle races in Holland, the Amstel Gold Race edition 2018. No less than six ESI heroes took op the gauntlet to swap their comfortable workplace for 150 kilometres up and downhill around Valkenburg, the picturesque centre of this classic tour. The recreational version of the Amstel Gold Race was held on 14th of April, one day prior to the official international race.

Work hard, play hard

As a company outing, the team was sponsored by ESI. Henri de Boer: “I strongly believe that in order to keep our heads clear, we need to leave the office and exercise our body. ‘Mens sana in corpore sano’ as the old Romans used to say. That’s why we facilitated participation and of course provided professional ESI sportswear. Being fairly untrained engineers, the tour was quite demanding, but it was a fantastic experience to ride together and make the finish. Besides six ESI people, four extra invites joined the team. Maybe next year more people will participate in this bicycle event.”

More events to come

The Amstel Gold Race was the first in a series of sportive and recreational outdoor events. This year ESI will stimulate and facilitate further initiatives from employees and management. In order to stay up and running, it’s time to move.


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From left to right: Marco Huisman, Richard Spaargaren, Henri de Boer, Haaike Visser, Martin Rol, Jan-Erik Dijksman