Short payback period silo storage India

Short payback period silo storage India

In order to offer NTPC Group in India detailed insight in the feasibility of replacing open stockyard storage by enclosed silo storage, we recently completed and presented an extensive study. One the outcomes is a payback period of only a few years.

The changing environmental legislation in India challenges the power industry to innovate and incorporate more sustainable systems in coal fired power plants. With open stockyard storage as common practise in India, ESI Eurosilo and one of the leading engineering consultants for thermal power plants, L&T-Sargent & Lundy Ltd, undertook an extensive study to compare enclosed storage and open stockyard storage.

To determine the impact on environmental aspects as well as on total cost of ownership and logistic efficiency, it took almost a year to complete the study. Based on the specifics of the Indian power industry, the outcome shows a payback period for the investment in a Eurosilo system of only a couple of years. We recently presented our findings and the underlying aspects to the NTPC Group to their great interest.

If you are interested to learn more about the study, please send us an email and we’ll share more details with you.

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