Meet our agent Brandon Na, Daeyang Rollent Co., Ltd.

Meet our agent Brandon Na, Daeyang Rollent Co., Ltd.

ESI agent for Korea

Dongwon (Brandon) Na is General Manager at Daeyang Rollent Co., Ltd. They are a leading manufacturer of conveyors and idlers for industrial companies, headquartered in Gyeonggi-do, in Korea. Brandon has a strong technical background in bulk material handling systems, more particularly conveying systems, and in conveyor Idlers and pulleys. As a renowned company in their industry, Daeyang Rollent was chosen as one of the suppliers for new thermal power plant in Shin SeoCheon, South Korea.

Why ESI Eurosilo?

Combining expertise in conveying systems with innovative silo storage technology offers a complete solution that is very powerful says Brandon: “The most important reason for us to become an agent for ESI is that together, we can deliver a complete and reliable bulk material handling system. On top of that, our clients are becoming more demanding regarding environmental issues. The controlled and enclosed silo storage enables us to comply with the higher requirements for the  environmental friendliness of the equipment. In fact, this is the most advanced solution to store coal in terms of fire-safety and protection of the environment.”

Mutual understanding

“What I like about running a project with the people of ESI is the real-time response with expertise. Although our cultures are very different, there is a great sense of mutual understanding. They combine good communication skills with lots of experience in bulk handling systems. And most importantly, ESI knows how to oversee local projects including site conditions, culture and customs of local and international partners. If I have to describe ESI in three words I’d say: Reliable. Expertise. Reasonable.”

Shin SeoCheon project

Daeyang Rollent is partnering with ESI in the delivery of eight coal silos for the huge Shin SeoCheon-project. Brandon: “This is a state-of-the-art thermal power plant that requires fully enclosed coal storage system for sub-bituminous coal. So it has to be reliable and proven against spontaneous combustion problems. According to the schedule we will be working on this project for the coming years, together with ESI.”

Market opportunities

“I believe that the Eurosilo coal storage system is proven to be the most reliable solution to store sub-bituminous coal in an enclosed way. We expect to have more opportunities of retrofit projects as a result of environmental concerns and changed regulation. This means converting many open coal stock yards into enclosed silo storage facilities in the near future. On a wider scope, ESI has proven technology to store difficult materials such as gypsum, pet coke and so on. This level of expertise and experience can’t be acquired in a short term. Therefore, they are the best partner to work with and that will make their business grow in the coming years”, says Brandon Na.