Eight coal silos for new thermal power plant in South Korea

Eight coal silos for new thermal power plant in South Korea

ESI Eurosilo was recently rewarded a huge contract for the engineering and project management of eight Coal Silos at a new Thermal Power Plant in Shin SeoCheon, South Korea. To successfully engage in this project we partner withDaeyang Rollent Co. Ltd. They are a worldwide leading conveyor idler manufacturer and conveying system designer based in South Korea. In 2020 the commissioning of the plant should be executed.

Coals remains dominant

Although South Korea plans to shift to renewables, the latest plans still show a power generation mix in which coal and nuclear account for 60 percent of all electricity in 2030. The strategy is to optimize and upgrade thermal power plants with state-of-the-art technology in order to make power generation as efficient and environmentally safe as possible. In fact, South Korea is planning seven new coal-fired power stations in the years to come (Reuters Dec ’17). This makes the new power plant in Shin SeoCheon a crucial project with subsequent high standards.

System of choice

Our system was presented to the end-user in comparison with alternative systems by Daeyang Rollent. The fully enclosed Eurosilo prevents dust emission, leakage to groundwater and loss of calorific value. At the same time it offers efficient use of ground space, making it suitable for effective logistics. These features and the performance of a perfectly functioning Eurosilo in South Korea, made the Eurosilo the system of choice. In addition, ESI is also requested to engineer and deliver an FGD Gypsum Silo for the flue gas desulfurization system.

Optimal burning rate

A separate storage of no less than eight types of coal enables the operator to always achieve the optimal burning rate. This led to the request for eight coal silos of each 55.000 m3, working together as one efficient fuel management facility and connected through networked conveyor systems party supplied by Rollent. Richard Spaargaren, Sales Director ESI, says: “It took a great effort for us as well as for Rollent. They have proven to be invaluable for this project. In fact it is almost impossible to do this without an expert partner who knows the local situation and the way things work.”

Project management

The key success factor is the ability to work together in a network of subcontractors and co-suppliers. ESI provides complete project management from design and delivery of mechanical components to overseeing the civil building with local partners in South Korea. In conjunction with the overall planning, we will deliver the Coal Silos in three badges of which 3 in the first two badges and 2 silos in the final badge.