If you need to store large quantities, with very little space available, the only way is up. A highly automated Eurosilo can store up to 100.000 m3 of material at just a third of the footprint required for open stockpiles, while saving logistic costs as well.

Advanced storage facilities for large quantities

Advanced storage for large quantities

When it comes to storing large quantities of bulk solids, ESI Eurosilo can support you with decades of experience in engineering and realization of mammoth silos. Our fully enclosed storage facilities, ranging from 1,000 m3 to 100,000 m3 per unit, offer maximum control in material handling, while saving operational costs and valuable space for expansion. With over 125 units built around the world, we serve leading companies in major industries. Our aim is to deliver technology that will help you meet economical, physical and environmental demands in the best possible way.

Power, chemical, agri-bulk

Coal based power generation will maintain its prominent position for years to come, while chemical industry and agribulk need to operate at scale to be cost-effective. With innovative storage facilities we support operating companies, contractors and engineering companies worldwide to make these ends meet. A range of robust solutions is designed to save cost and space, while enhancing sustainability, safety and productivity.

Minimal footprint for large scale storage

No pollution nor product deterioration

Safest storage method in the market

Maximum logistic control & flexibility

Minimal operating and maintenance costs

High availability due to minimal downtime

Storage facilities for large quantities

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