Tight schedule pet coke silos Oman

Tight schedule pet coke silos Oman

Under harsh conditions of over 45 degrees Celsius, the Eurosilo equipment is being preassembled outside at one of the refineries of Orpic in Oman. As the production of pet coke is about to commit, our focus is to keep pace with the tight overall schedule.

Orpic is one of the largest and most rapidly growing businesses in the Middle East oil industry. As a forward-thinking oil company, Orpic is committed to operating safely and reliably, while paying attention to the environment and the communities in which it operates. The demand for more logistic flexibility has led to the implementation of two Eurosilos to buffer between an input of pet coke at 80 tph and periodic output at 1,000 tph.

To lead the building process, a ESI Supervisor was stationed in Oman for the last 2 months. Good progress has been made and the material handling equipment has been lifted into the silo concrete structures. The main contractor Larsons & Toubro (Oman) has designed, in close cooperation with ESI Eurosilo, a specific erection procedure. The roof structure has been built at the silo floor and after completion the complete structure including equipment is hoisted by means of hydraulic jack ups inside the silo. This challenging procedure is about to commit, to keep pace with the tight overall schedule.

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