Successful management buyout

Successful management buyout

Purmerend, April 7, 2017 – ESI Eurosilo BV proudly announces that the management of ESI Eurosilo consisting of Henri de Boer, Sjaak van Hurck and Richard Spaargaren and the Chinese representative Qi Xilei, acquired all shares from Jaap Ruijgrok, the now former owner director.

About the MBO

The management buy-out will not bring major changes to the organization. The new owners themselves have been jointly responsible for defining and daily implementation of the strategy of ESI Eurosilo in recent years. Henri de Boer: “ESI Eurosilo has been a reliable partner for stakeholders in recent years with proven growth potential and future prospects, for both quantity and quality. In the coming years we want to continue this. Not with the intention for significant growth, but to have sufficient capacity to fulfil the international, interesting and technically advanced assignments and to (continue to) do so in the different market areas.”

Jaap Ruijgrok is convinced that the chosen path is the road to further success: “I look back with pleasure and pride in the things we have achieved. The MBO is an excellent way to secure the succession as well as the future of ESI Eurosilo as an independent and flexible company with direct lines. It will be a pleasure to stay involved in near future as the Business Development Manager for the company.”

About ESI Eurosilo BV

ESI Eurosilo develops, produces and builds storage systems since 1971. The new owners are enthusiastic about their business: Henri de Boer: “ESI Eurosilo is a solution provider of storage facilities for non-free-flowing bulk materials and storage mammoth dimensions. Our fully automated silos offer maximum control in bulk solids handling (up to a size of 100,000 m3), savings on OPEX and CAPEX, and meet all environmental and safety requirements.”

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