New agent Poland: RICCO International Trade & Consultancy

New agent Poland: RICCO International Trade & Consultancy

We’re happy to introduce RICCO International Trade & Consultancy as our new agent for Poland. As of June this year they take care of complete projects, same as they do for many tech companies from outside Poland. CEO and founder Krzysztof Kucharski says: “We were not looking for another supplier, but the markets and the technology of ESI were so interesting that we were convinced to go for it!”

It started with our search for a new agent in Poland because our long time agent Janusz Uscinski retired. After 25 years and a number of successful projects, we’d like thank him and wish him all the best. Due to the impossibility to travel during the lock down situation in Europe, Richard Spaargaren simply turned to Google and LinkedIn, working from his home office: “I investigated the Polish market to see who is actually active and knowledgeable in our type of industry. This is how I came across RICCO. It turned out they have a great support organization, technical expertise and a clear vision on how to serve their customers. I’m impressed by the focus and professional level of Krzysztof and his team!”

CEO and founder Krzysztof Kucharski, standing next to the lady in blue, and his team

Krzysztof Kucharski: “We had a number of video calls and to the both of us, it became more and more clear that this was a good match. As a technical trading company, our approach is quite broad. From first contact and developing the relationship to consultancy, implementation, commissioning and after sales support. This is how we bring value to the customer, which would be very difficult for a foreign company. Building good relationships, to my opinion, is the most important aspect of our business. You can only earn trust of you consistently provide good value to customers as well as suppliers.”

“The start with Richard was a bit funny, but very soon it became serious business. We choose to work with ESI for a number of reasons. First of all, they have great technology that I really believe in. Next to that, ESI has already a number of references in our country. Last but not least, they are a reliable partner for complex projects. In fact we have already started a job for ESI, with two of our engineers who support a commissioning project. I´m looking forward to further cooperation and new projects here in Poland.”