New team member, E&I Engineer Arno Dijkstra

New team member, E&I Engineer Arno Dijkstra

Everyone in technology knows that talented and experienced professionals are really hard to come by. That’s why we’re proud to say that we’ve found a great match for our team of engineers. He’s already busy in onboarding at ESI since the first of this month, but we’d like to publically welcome Arno Dijkstra as our new E&I Engineer!

From design to commissioning

Arno has a strong background in testing, designing and the engineering of electrical installations for machinery. The wide scope of his new job at ESI is what really appeals to him: “I’ve worked in somewhat larger companies, including public services, which was great. But at ESI everybody is much more involved. Not just with each other as a team, but also with the customers. The combination of focused designing and being out in the field, working with physical installations, is what makes this job great.”

International scope

Next to being an experienced engineer, Arno is very much a ‘people person’ with a great interest in different cultures. “What I think is really cool, is the freedom and the many international contacts. Of course it’s a job you have to do, but the international context makes it so interesting. I’ve worked for almost a year as a volunteer for a humanitarian project in Bohol, the Philippines. I worked with young adults, giving them training and education on maintenance and repair so they could have a diploma and a job. Also, I helped to build houses. That’s when you realize how different cultures are, including mine, and how to work with that.”

FGD Gypsum at Pulawy, Poland

One of the first assignments is the electrical engineering for a new build FGD Gypsum silo in Pulawy. Although the end product can be totally different, the basic principles of control technology are the same. Arno explains: “It’s about how to convey the driving force of electrical drives into motion of all kinds of mechanical parts. The challenge is to exactly know the guiding principles and the specifics of each environment. It’s all about safety and reliability. In that aspect ESI is opening up a whole new world that I’m looking forward to deep dive into!”