Based in New Delhi, Mini Puri / Synergy International is our advisor, helping us to develop the market for the Eurosilo systems in the   Indian sub-continent. Engineering, innovation and cross-cultural cooperation are what drives Mini as a successful management consultant and business developer.


Development and synergy

Mini: “After completing my post-graduation in engineering, I worked for 10 years for the Kirloskars. My main responsibilities were to develop domestic and export markets for the engineering products that the company developed in joint venture with world leaders from Europe, USA and Japan. Thereafter, I worked for another 10 years, with an European consulting firm and an international bank, assisting their clients in Europe in developing their businesses in India. I strongly believe  that even the most difficult problem can be resolved with the help and support of  stake holders and like-minded professionals located at different countries. This is why I called my company Synergy International.”


Introducing new technologies

“After India started opening its economy in 1995, Synergy International was set-up to help successful foreign companies enter the Indian market, by introducing their state-of-the-art and new-to-India technologies to the Indian industry, to make it  globally more competitive and export oriented. Introductions I worked on are computer aided designing and manufacturing from France, automation for line production from Sweden, solar powered water purification systems from the Netherlands, high-end design systems from the USA and many more. I guess technological development runs in the family. My wife, Dr. Neelu has been conducting research and developing new technologies for treating cancer at  the Netherlands, India and USA, while my young son, Nicholas in the USA has a passion for learning and applying new technologies to help corporates resolve their IT-related issues.”


“ESI Eurosilo is an innovative and dynamic world renowned company with state-of-the art technology ”


Why ESI Eurosilo

“As I had already successfully introduced new concepts and technologies and had good understanding of the Indian power sector, I was excited to know and promote the globally proven Eurosilo concept in India. India is now passing through a very difficult stage. On one hand it needs more power, of good quality and at competitive price to produce products economically, on the other hand India cannot afford to further deteriorate its environment. ESI Eurosilo can help the thermal power plants in India become more efficient and environment friendly.” 


Orpic project at Oman

“We  really enjoyed working on the Orpic Project at Oman, involving two silos for PET coke of 40,000 MT capacity each. It was very special project because of many reasons. It was the first time that a renowned Indian consulting company got convinced to propose to their international client to store pet coke in a silo. It was a challenge to identify and qualify a suitable Indian EPC contractor and to complete the project in Oman, in a very short time. The silver lining was that the project was completed in time despite various problems associated with international operations, banking and cross-cultural issues and won two prestigious International Awards!”




“The Indian sub-continent market, being  price-sensitive and reference-centric, takes time to adopt and adapt any new concept or technology. ESI Eurosilo’s presence in  the Indian sub-continent shall grow very quickly after a reference is established  here.


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