All-time high at ESI

All-time high at ESI

During the management buyout in 2017, we were already increasing our sales activities. But the results over the past one-and-a-half year have exceeded every expectation. Our efforts in continued customer care and approach have led to an unprecedented order intake.

Growth in major industries

This year we have an order portfolio of no less than 11 Eurosilos on different continents and in various stages of completion. This is an all-time high in a history of decades. And still there are more opportunities on the verge of becoming additional orders. We don’t only see an increase in order intake, but also in the required infeed, outfeed and storage capacity for stored materials. The power market, involving FGD gypsum, pet coke and coal, shows a steady growth. The Agribulk market however is really booming, resulting in more demand for potato starch silos. Also the demand from the chemical market for fertilizer and EAFD storage is steadily increasing. Our strategy is to make sure we will maintain our proposition as best partner for the best fit for all of our customers.

Stepping up

To enable ourselves to handle this increase in workload, we have increased the headcount of our engineering team as well our project team. This partly permanent and partly on a temporary basis in order to be able to stay flexible. Next to that, we have put alliances with trustworthy partners in place to handle the increased size and scope of new projects. With their proven track record in close cooperation we are confident to face the future with these partners.

Care and dedication

With all mentioned steps set in motion, we are set to provide our customers with the care and dedication as we have done with our previous projects, offering a clear vision on a sustainable future and options for all stakeholders. We consider ourselves to be fortunate and strive to do our best as always.

Henri de Boer portretfoto

Henri de Boer
Managing Director