2019 was a true roller coaster year!

2019 was a true roller coaster year!

This year has been a true roller coaster for ESI, with more challenges than ever. We smashed the all-time high of last year, of which we thought was a one off event, and at the same time we were confronted with the essence of our company. That is to remain the exact same reliable partner that ESI always has been for any project at any place in the world. To safeguard this core, we really needed to step up. And looking back, we’re pleased to say that we managed to do just that.

Sustained growth

Our scope goes beyond providing technology, it is to make it work. Even if that means handling complex projects on several continents simultaneously. We have been, and still are, active in China, South Korea, Denmark, Germany, Turkey, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Bosnia, Serbia, Poland and Greece. This is including the biggest order in our history https://eurosilo.com/news/three-100-000-m3-coal-silos-for-the-emba-hunutlu-plant/, the three 100.000 m3 coal silos for the EMBA Hunutlu power plant in Turkey. To make this happen, we relied heavily on the relentless dedication of our back office teams, our project managers and our engineers. Next to that, we managed to upscale in a controlled way with a flexible shell of professionals on a per project bases. The sustained growth also enabled us to add new members to the permanent ESI staff: junior project manager Marleen Betjes and technical designer Thom Fijen. We are delighted to have them on board and there will be more than enough opportunities to put their skills and expertise to good use.

Fasten seatbelts

As already said, this year has been quite busy, but 2020 will be even more busy. Not only with new built projects, but also with retrofits, conversions, inspections and spare parts as these activities are steadily growing. The main focus for 2020 however, will be project execution. Customer satisfaction remains one of our key drivers, together with quality, safety, risk management and team work. For 2020 the ‘fasten seatbelts sign’ is on. We’re looking forward to help our customers embark on new ventures and take off successfully in the next year.