Doors Open Day at the KMC potato starch silo

Doors Open Day at the KMC potato starch silo

Last month, on August the 21st, the building site of the new potato starch silo of KMC in Toftlund, Denmark, was open to the public. KMC organized a Doors Open Day to give local residents and interested parties a look inside the huge building that dominates the skyline. And as it turned out, the new landmark at Toftlund draws a lot of interest. KMC made it a festive event with drinks, Danish sausages and presentations.

Final stage

The project is nearing completion as the commissioning is due in October. Although this is a quite busy period, the work was interrupted for the public event. All the ESI equipment has already been installed successfully and right now our partner, civil contractor Arkil, is installing the roof to close the potato starch silo. They are also finalizing the wooden cladding on the inside of the silo. With an internal diameter of 50 meter and a storage level of 45 meter, this takes an enormous amount of wood. In a contest the visitors were asked to correctly choose the length of wood when all the plank are put in a straight line: 50,8 km, 65,5 km or 82,3 km. The great value of KMC to the region and the importance of the site were emphasized by the major of Toftlund during his speech.

88.000 m3 storage capacity

The potato starch silo at Toftlund is already the third unit for KMC. Due to the expansion of the production and the dependable performance of the system, KMC decided to add another Eurosilo to their existing set of potato starch silos. Same as the previously built unit in Brande, the new silo can store a massive amount of potato starch of approximately 60,000 tons. The storage capacity gives KMC a strategic advantage as the native starch can be stored for periods of over a year, making the production independent of seasonal crops.

Case study

In 2015 and 2017 we have built similar potato starch silos for KMC in Brande and Karup. The projects and the technology used are described in a downloadable case study. For more details, you can download the case study here. And by the way, the correct amount of wood used in the silo in Toftlund is 65,5 km!