Protective storage and uncomplicated reclaiming

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Protective Storage

Enclosed storage in a Eurosilo offers a controlled environment inside and a well-protected environment outside. Hygroscopic products can be stored for a longer period thanks to our slotted column system for uncomplicated reclaiming. During the discharge process, the overhead bridge and suspended auger frame rotate, while two augers move the material towards the center and push it into the slots of the slotted column. This open channel in the stored mass ensures that the product freely descents towards an extracting device at the bottom of the silo. The Eurosilo system is a proven solution for Ammonium Sulfate, Potash and Common Salt. A recent project of fertilizer storage is the 40,000m3 Ammonium Sulfate silo for the Capro Cooperation in South-Korea.

Innovative storage solution

Compared to the conventional A-frame storage shed or a bottom discharge silo, the Eurosilo system combines many advantages. Instead of a separate, storage and load out facility – needing operators, power shovels and transport – there is only one highly automated solution. Not only it will reduce the required space to a third, it will also minimize the necessary headcount and eliminate the exposure of workers to health hazardous materials. Compared to bottom discharge silos, equipped with a plough feeder system, our system significantly increases the storage period without any block ups.


  Controlled storage for hygroscopic materials

 High automation capacity minimizes operating costs

 Compliant with severe environmental regulations

 High safety standards for health hazardous materials

 Maximum logistic control and flexibility

 High availability due to minimal downtime



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