Largest potato starch silo

The world’s largest potato starch silo is now being constructed for KMC at Karup in Denmark. KMC is a leading Danish producer of potato starch and potato flakes. ESI Eurosilo was awarded the assignment to design, produce and install the internal machinery. We designed a huge central shutter column of about 55 meters high to fit the maximum capacity of 88,500 m3 of this huge silo. Production of the complete internal machinery is now on the way. The projects execution is on a very tight schedule, as the silo has to be ready for operation within this year. We are pleased to share with you an amazing time lapse video of the pouring of the concrete floor. Besides the largest potato starch silo, we are also involved in other projects in Slovenia and Polen.

Starch Silo

Installation of the starch silo equipment


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