Online Commissioning Shidongkou Project

Online Commissioning Shidongkou Project

The worldwide pandemic required us to adapt and find new ways to proceed our projects. By setting up remote collaboration, Project manager Jan-Erik Dijksman and Project Engineer Alexander van den Berg succeeded in the online commissioning of one of the two 100K coal silos at the Shidongkou Power Plant in Shanghai. “Instead of physically inspecting the installation ourselves, we had to instruct and support the local team. Communicating and collaborating online, across different time zones as well as different skill sets and cultures, really raised the bar for both sides. But together we made this work!”

Daily video calls

For the past few months, a daily routine for Jan-Erik and Alexander has been to start a MS Teams session with the Chinese team at the Shidongkou site. Jan-Erik: “The time difference is 7 hours, but the main challenge is to overcome language as well as the complete new experience for both sides. In fact they are our hands and eyes, using their smartphones and laptops while walking through the site. From our side, you can only see what the camera shows and interpret their interpretation of the situation. It’s like handling a huge structure through a keyhole. Thanks to the great effort of everyone, we made it work. The first coal has successfully been fed into and out of the first silo.”

Commissioning manual

The key instrument to make the commissioning work is a comprehensive Commissioning Manual. It contains detailed checklists, specific orders and methods, mounting instructions and more. Every mechanical and electronic part, as well as all software is included in checks and testing procedures to make sure that the silo is fully functional. “Normally you walk around while making adjustments and performing checks, using years of experience in our technology. But now Alexander and I had to convey our knowledge to others that are doing this for the first time. That made it really intense at times. But with the first successful commissioning, we all are confident to handle the next one!”, says Jan-Erik.

Next milestone

With the two 100.000 m3 coal silos, ordered last year, the China Huaneng Group initiates their shift to more sustainable coal storage at the Shidongkou First Power Plant in Shanghai. Together with the local teams and our indispensable partner NewBulks Beijing, we are now working on the commissioning of the second silo. More information: Shidongkou power station chooses enclosed coal storage – Eurosilo