As a global leader in vertical storage, ESI offers full logistic control with space saving, compliant and cost-effective vertical storage facilities for your bulk product.


Our mission

Global developments in supply chains have changed the bulk handling industry from relatively stable to fully dynamic. This offers new opportunities for enclosed, vertical storage. Therefore, we have strengthened our mission to provide future-proof solutions through personal commitment, high quality standards and solid expertise in bulk material storage. As a global leader in vertical storage through the innovative Eurosilo System we aim to provide full logistic control in major industries such as agribulk, chemical, power and more to come. Our long- term mission allows us to stay true to our core and remain a reliable, future-proof partner. To us, mission is not just a slogan. It is what drives our people. It is noticeably embedded in our behavior and mindset: To always provide future-proof solutions through personal commitment, high quality standards and solid expertise in bulk material storage.



Our vision

The way we position ourselves in the market is unambiguous. As a market leader, ESI provides innovative and socially responsible handling systems to meet global bulk storage needs through customised automated and environmentally friendly bulk silos: Eurosilos. In short, we are a leader in vertical storage.

Best partner for the best Fit

We strive to be ‘The Best Partner for the Best Fit,’ on which clients as well as project partners and their employees can rely on for the long term. Over the years, this has led to a large number of innovations and storage concepts in various industries.

As a leader, ESI continues to deliver innovative bulk storage systems to meet the storage needs in global supply chains, using fully enclosed, environmentally friendly, large-scale facilities with the smallest footprint: Eurosilos. In short, we lead the way in vertical silo storage.



End-to-end approach

The scope of our business is designing, engineering, production, installation, inspection and maintenance of large scale storage systems. With over 160 units built around the world, the Eurosilo is the state-of-the-art solution for potato starch, fertilizer, coal, pet coke, FGD gypsum and more bulk materials to come. We are a ISO 9001 and ISO 45001 certified company and our storage solutions are compliant with ATEX and NFPA standards.

Our core competence

ESI is the only company that can offer storage at a quarter of the footprint of conventional bulk storage solutions. The enclosed Eurosilos offer future-proof durability, are equipped with state-of- the-art safety systems and operate fully automated. Our core competence however, is translating knowledge of material properties into effective material handling systems.