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ESI is a global leader in vertical storage through the innovative Eurosilo System. Our solutions offer full logistic control in agribulk, chemical, power and more industries to come. Our team of engineers and project managers are passionate about every touch point between bulk materials and storage solutions. What started with an innovative storage silo for a Dutch potato starch manufacturer in the late 1960s, has now evolved into a range of powerful Eurosilo Solutions for customers in major industries around the globe. Our expertise has been recognized by operators, engineering contractors, consultancy agencies and material handling engineers throughout the power industry, chemistry and agriculture.

Best partner for the best Fit

ESI provides technology and expertise to help you meet your requirements in the best possible way. Working with contractors, engineering firms, operating companies anywhere in the world, our aim is to be the best partner for the best fit. The fully enclosed Eurosilo System offers maximum control in material handling – up to a stunning 100,000 m3 – at the smallest possible small footprint, while saving costs and safeguarding sustainability.

End-to-end approach

The wide scope of our business is designing, engineering, production, installation, inspection and maintenance of large scale storage systems. With over 160 units built around the world, the Eurosilo is the system of choice for potato starch, fertilizer, coal, pet coke, FGD gypsum and more. We are a ISO 9001 and ISO 45001 certified company and our storage solutions are compliant with ATEX and NFPA standards.

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