Shidongkou power station chooses enclosed coal storage

Shidongkou power station chooses enclosed coal storage

Recently we received the order for two 100.000 m3 coal silos to be built at the Shidongkou First Power Plant in Shanghai. With this order the China Huaneng Group initiates their shift from open and shed storage to environmentally friendly enclosed coal storage. As the China Huaneng Group is the largest government-owned power company in China, we are very excited about this major step. First shipments are scheduled for October. 

Limited space, high requirements

The Shidongkou First Power Plant is in operation since 1985 and is situated next to the Shidongkou Second Power Plant that went into operation in 1991. The strict environmental requirements in Shanghai have led to the need for an alternative solution for the open and shed storage of coal. Also, the available space at the plant site is very limited. A Eurosilo uses about a third of the space needed for stockpile storage and at the same time provides enclosed storage. This made the Eurosilo the system of choice for Huaneng Power International, a subsidiary of the China Huaneng Group.

Partnering and project management

Close cooperation with all parties concerned is essential to in order to guarantee the required quality standards within a very tight time schedule. The commissioning of the new coal silos is planned in the summer of 2020. The civil construction of the two 100.000 m3 silos will be handled locally, including mechanical parts, conveyor belts, electricity and system security. ESI will handle the engineering, production in Europe, shipment to Shanghai, installation and the commissioning. Through the great partnership with our partner New Bulks in Beijing, we can effectively participate in this project. Same as for the Hunutlu project, the engineering at the plant site is done by the East China Electric Power Design Institute (ECEPDI), which also makes the support of New Bulks indispensable for this project.

Increasing storage volume

The maximum level of stored coal will be 42.5 meter and the infeed amounts to 2,500 TPH. The output of the silos amount to a maximum of 1,000 TPH. Both silos will be built next to the current shed for coal storage at the Shidongkou First Power Plant. If the system works up to the satisfaction of the customer, a third Eurosilo will be planned in the near future. In the meantime, we are focusing on engineering and production of the mechanical parts and getting everything ready for shipment in October.