Time to step up in ’21 (cn)

Time to step up in ’21 (cn)

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic that hit the world in 2020, there was no slowdown at ESI. In fact we were even more busy handling multiple large projects. The Eurosilo system has truly become a new standard and ESI is consistently building its position as worldwide leader in enclosed, vertical storage. Within our existing portfolio we are well aware of what we are capable of. Now it is time to expand beyond that in order to broaden our scope. Time to step up our game in ’21.

The future of bulk material storage

Taking care of our planet is becoming more significant, besides the usual aspects like costs, safety or reliability. The emerging regulation on environmental issues, as well as market conditions, proves to be a strong driver for our business. This means the concept of enclosed storage will become more relevant and more applicable to process plants in all kinds of basic industries. The power industry is still struggling with insufficient alternatives for coal, but I think it will eventually find its way in the next decade. In the Agribulk industry as well as the chemical industry the need for well controlled storage of basic materials is still growing as a result of evolving economies. Also, the pandemic has seriously impacted supply chains, leading to risk adverse strategies and therefore the expansion of storage facilities.

Transformation ahead

What we see is that the developments are speeding up and more inquiries are made from different industries. These are new applications that need dedicated time and attention for research and joint development with customers and partners. This faces us with the challenge to be the same fast and flexible partner for new solutions as for the existing portfolio. In order to remain the best partner for the best fit, we need to transform. I’m excited and happy to announce new roles in our organization. At management team level, our Technical Director Sjaak van Hurck, has been freed up to fully engage in solution development. Project manager Jan-Willem Hanskamp has taken over his responsibility to oversee the project management department.

New development: storing ore in a Eurosilo

At the moment we are working on a project in the mining industry that involves the handling of ore. The impact on the bulk handling mechanisms inside the silo is much heavier than any other material we have worked with. This requires intense product research, tons of reports with all necessary data, concept development, testing and so on. Again, the unique features of the Eurosilo appeal to this industry: space saving, well-conditioned and environmentally safe enclosed storage. The process of developing a viable solution has been made possible by the new organization. I’m looking forward to many more to come!


Henri de Boer
Managing Director