Proven shutter column system

For controlled infeed and discharge of potato starch, we have developed the proven central shutter column system. The starch is distributed via an enclosed system up to the auger frame (including screw conveyors) and evenly distributed over the starch surface. The central shutter column is used to reclaim the starch from the silo by opening the specially designed shutters in the central column. Reclaiming is handled by automated control of the shutters, while the screw conveyors move the starch towards the central column.  The unique shutter column system is also suited for other very fine bulk materials such as Sugar, Fly Ash or smaller particle size bulk materials (e.g. EAFDfrom recycling plants.


Case study KMC Denmark

KMC in Denmark supplies potato-based ingredients to food industry clients throughout the world, exporting to over 80 countries. As KMC’s production was expanding, as well as the need for storage, the existing set of silos – with various storage volumes – had to be extended. After evaluating the market and logistic options, KMC decided in 2015 to build the biggest starch silo so far with a storage volume of 88,500 m3, containing approximately 60,000 tons. Due to the sustained growth and the proven Eurosilo system, additional Eurosilos  of the same type were built in 2018 and 2019.

Keeping agricultural bulk safe

Our company is rooted in the agricultural industry in the Netherlands. Today the Eurosilo is used around the world to store huge quantities of potato starch or soybean meal. These silos are designed to keep the content safe for long-term storage between harvest seasons. The use of stainless steel, moisture-free conditions and the elimination of residue inside the silo prevent the organic material to deteriorate. The danger of dust explosions is minimized by using ATEX certified drives. Detection devices and fire extinguishing equipment are also available. The Eurosilo is today’s most popular storage system for leading potato starch manufacturers in Europe and Japan.

  • Controlled storage and reclaiming
  • Maximum logistic control and flexibility
  • No product degradation
  • High availability due to minimal downtime
  • Safety measures according to ATEX standards
  • Fully automated operation using data bus method





Shidongkou power station chooses enclosed coal storage

Recently we received the order for two 100.000 m3 coal silos to be built at the Shidongkou First Power Plant in Shanghai.

Three 100.000 m3 coal silos for the EMBA Hunutlu Plant

With three large coal silos for the EMBA Hunutlu thermal power plant in Turkey, ESI recently received the biggest order in its history.

Highlights Feasibility Study India

In order to offer NTPC Group in India detailed insight in the feasibility of replacing open stockyard storage of coal by enclosed storage, we completed an extensive study that compares both systems. One of the outcomes is a payback period...

The first petcoke has been loaded into the brand new Eurosilo in Oman

The commissioning of the twin silos system for Orpic, one of the fastest growing oil companies in Oman, is in full swing now. Two new large Eurosilos are now being loaded with petcoke. The first testing of the material handling will take place soon.

Tight schedule pet coke silos Oman

Under harsh conditions of over 45 degrees Celsius, the Eurosilo equipment is being preassembled outside at one of the refineries of Orpic in Oman. As the production of pet coke is about to commit, our focus is to keep pace with the tight overall schedule.

Short payback period silo storage India

In order to offer NTPC Group in India detailed insight in the feasibility of replacing open stockyard storage by enclosed silo storage, we recently completed and presented an extensive study. One the outcomes is a payback period of only a few years.

Two years of experience with the 100,000 m3 coal storage silos

Now available for download a informative silo storage article by Mr. Henri de Boer Manager Project Department and Mr. Mike Jacob Technical Power Plant Manager. In this article they are discussing the experience of two years of succesfull operation of...

Building The Brand

We recently decided to shift our proposition to the market towards our core value: expertise in material behavior and solutions that keep them flowing! This is part of an ongoing campaign to build the ESI Eurosilo brand by a clear...



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