Service and maintenance

We offer service and maintenance support around the globe to safeguard older installations from failures and costly breakdowns For immediate technical support you can reach our technical service 24/7, using our Service Hotline: +31 (299) 630 730. Our service is committed to minimize downtime and ensure maximum availability of your operating system, material handling mechanisms and safety equipment.

Periodic inspections

To ensure that your silo system stays fit for duty after years of operation, you can sign up for periodic inspection services. The periodic inspections include fact finding, basic design in case of required changes or repairs, and a clear study of costs and planning. In case your silo system is in perfect shape, we are happy to report just that. With timely inspections we can considerably prolong the lifetime of your installation at controlled cost level.

Wear and Spare Parts

Our Wear and Spare Parts Service ias ready to cater for all your needs. Standard parts are sourced from the original equipment manufacturers, while construction parts are manufactured at our selected workshops. We make sure that new spare parts are identical to – and interchangeable with existing parts and we provide affordable substitutes for parts that have become unobtainable.


When environmental regulations, cost reduction and technological developments require a complete overhaul, we can provide tailor made retrofits for your silo system. With an installed base of 127 units, starting from 1967, ESI Eurosilo has a proven track record of retrofits and midlife conversions around the world.

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