Maximum logistic control

High availability

Fully enclosed storage

Fertilizer storage for the chemical industry


Fully automated space saving storage for basic materials

Compliant with severe environmental regulations

• High availability due to minimised downtime

Key benefits of an innovative Eurosilo

ISO and OHSAS Certified

Maximum logistic control & flexibility

Fully automated, minimal operating costs

Fully enclosed and controlled storage conditions

Dependable logistics

The fully automated Eurosilos are designed to provide uninterrupted support to 24/7 workflows in the chemical industry. Our latest project is a 20.000 m3 Eurosilo for Calcium Nitrate at the fertiliser plant of Yara Porsgrunn in Norway, commissioned in 2016. Typically a large scale Eurosilo is used at a plant or mine site, storing raw materials for shipment to the production site, at the production site, buffering all incoming material, and finally: between the output of basic products and transport to the next step in the supply chain. The Eurosilo offers storage up to a stunning 100.000 m3 and can be tailored to your specific requests and needs.

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Safe and versatile material handing

A seamless integration into your production environment is largely enhanced by the smallest possible footprint. Besides storage and output in any required quantity, keeping basic chemicals safe and available requires appropriate storage conditions for hygroscopic, corrosive and cohesive materials. Fully enclosed storage in a Eurosilo offers a controlled environment inside and a well-protected environment outside. Flawless filling and reclaiming of materials such as ammonium sulphate or common salt is made possible through our specially designed Slotted Column or Shutter Column system.

“With more than 50 years of expertise and over 130 units built around the world, our mission is to provide the best fit for storage requirements in the chemical industry.”

• Ammonium Sulfate

• Calcium Nitrate

• Potash

• Borax

• Electric Arc Furnace Dust (EAFD)

• Any non-free flowing material…

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We are eager to closely cooperate with customers and technology partners in order to provide a perfect fit for each project. This has made ESI Eurosilo the worldwide market leader in large scale silo storage that we are today. Our team of engineers and project managers are passionate about each touch point between complex materials and storage solutions. What started out with a silo for a Dutch potato starch manufacturer in the late 1960s, evolved into a range of solutions for different industries around the globe. Our expertise is recognized by operators, engineering contractors, consultancy agencies and material handling engineers in the chemical industry, power industry and agriculture.

Chemical Industry

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As a result of the growth strategy of agricultural producer Yara, the fertilizer plant at the Yara Porsgrunn site in Norway was upgraded to expand the production capacity. ESI Eurosilo was assigned to design and build a Eurosilo to enable the storage of 20,000 m3 Calcium Nitrate. The new silo was essential to increase the on-site storage capacity of fertilizer or Calcium Nitrate. Starting with a detailed report of a previous meeting, Yara finally selected ESI Eurosilo as their partner due to the expertise, the advanced system for fertilizer storage and the ability to execute the project. “Compared to the existing silos, the feeding and discharge can be handled more accurate. This ensures an uninterrupted process, controlled by the automated auger system, which results in increased productivity and significant cost savings”.

Kicking off the world’s largest steel mill waste recycling operation, in 2009 ZincOx shifted away from mining to recycling in order to produce zinc. The electric arc furnace dust (EAFD) from steel mill cleaning systems contains a higher zinc concentration than primary zinc orebodies. In 2012 the Korean Recycling Phase One (KRP1) near Pohang was commissioned, to be followed by KRP2 in 2013. ESI Eurosilo provided a 12,000 m3 Eurosilo, equipped with a shutter column that enables reclaiming of the very fine particle EAFD. “This systems deals with materials that tend to fluidize when put into motion, by automated shutters in the column that can be opened and closed. This allows the material to descend into the column, preventing block ups and irregularities”.

Yara Porsgrunn

Fertilizer Plant

ZincOx EAFD recycling Korea

Yara Porsgrunn

ZincOx EAFD recycling Korea

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